The Adventures of Sparrowboy

The Adventures of Sparrowboy SOMETHING MYSTERIOUS IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN ON THURBER STREET WILL THE EVENTS OF ONE AFTERNOON CHANGE HENRY S LIFE FOREVER Written and illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist Brian Pinkney this award winni

  • Title: The Adventures of Sparrowboy
  • Author: Brian Pinkney
  • ISBN: 9780689835346
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • SOMETHING MYSTERIOUS IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN ON THURBER STREET WILL THE EVENTS OF ONE AFTERNOON CHANGE HENRY S LIFE FOREVER Written and illustrated by Caldecott Honor artist Brian Pinkney, this award winning story introduces a new superhero Sparrowboy, a paperboy who takes the neighborhood under his wing and saves the day.

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    Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Jerry Brian Pinkney was raised in an artistic household My two brothers and sister and I played musical instruments, and we were always drawing, painting, or building things, the illustrator once recalled of his childhood While his mother, children s book author Gloria Jean Pinkney, would inspire all her children with a love of reading, it would be his father, illustrator Jerry Pinkney, who would serve as a mentor to young Brian I did everything he did, Pinkney would later admit My desk was a miniature version of his desk The paintbrushes and pencils I used were often the ones from his studio that were too old or too small for him to use I had a paint set like his and a studio like his Except my studio was a walk in closet, which made it the perfect size for me Read answers topic jerry brAccording to the book back flap, he has played the drums since he was eight years old He still keeps a set of drumsticks in his studio where, when resting from his illustrations, he sometimes taps out rhythms on the back of his chair With his wife, writer Andrea Davis Pinkney, he makes his home in Brooklyn NY.


  • Both fantastic and down-to-earth (not literally though :)) adventure of a paperboy who unexpectedly gains super powers, told mostly in comic book style and colorful Brian Pinkney's signature scratchboard and gouache illustrations:

  • A standalone action adventure for readers four years of age and up with a young African-American paperboy with compassion.In 1997, The Adventures of Sparrowboy won the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Picture Book.My TakeI love it! I love it! Just what every "kid" would love, to suddenly achieve a superpower. And I absolutely loved how Pinkney segued into Henry achieving power. A nice parallel plot device there.They're simple, if scary!, events that afternoon, related in third-person objective p [...]

  • Written and drawn in a mostly comicbook format, Sparrowboy follows the life of a boy who finds inspiration in a comic hero who looks similar to him (representation matters!).  While reminiscent of typical comic format, Pinkney definitely brings in a new artistic style to truly make it his own.  This book is great for a fun romp, perfect for reading on a sunny afternoon after school is let out!Review cross-listed here!

  • Grade range: 1-3Genre: Modern FantasyI think most little boys would love this book. It's set up comic book style and goes through all of the adventures Sparrowboy goes on while still on his paper route. I believe this book would be more difficult to read aloud, but it's still a wonderful read.

  • This was torture to get through. If I hadn’t been reading it to a kid who was super into it, I would’ve quit halfway through.

  • Oh man, I can hear the kids pestering their parents right now - but if the boy had magical powers from the sparrow, did the sparrow lose his powers of flight? Will the boy be able to be sparrowboy again? What if he becomes something else next time, like cat boy? What if I became cat boy? Or dog boy or sparrow boy?A story that kids three and up will like,that age where they start to really try on ideas, especially the boys with the super hero leanings. It has the feeling of a story told off the c [...]

  • This is a short graphic novel for younger grade children. Some children might feel like it is easier to read then a "real" book because it does not have as many words as many stories do. It is set up similar to a comic with pictures and the story told in panels. Some of the frames do not even have any words to go with the picture. Due to this many feel that a comic or graphic novel is not true reading. On the contrary, graphic novels (and comic books) are a good tool to use for reluctant readers [...]

  • This is a story of a paper boy that idolizes a superhero named falcon boy. When suddenly during one of his paper routes he gains the ability to fly. he then goes around the neighborhood helping people that need it. He comes to realize that he may have took the ability to fly from a sparrow. Henry then gives the power back to the sparrow so that he can get away from all the dangers in his life. This story is written in a comic book style and could be interesting to many boys and girls that like c [...]

  • To me The Adventures of Sparrowboy closely resembled a comic book for young children. This book would be great for young boys who are already into super heroes. It had comic like illustrations that would definitely grab the attention of any boy in their early childhood. The story is about a boy who receives the power to fly from a bird. As with any super hero he uses these powers for good to protect from evil around his town. Definitely a good read for young boys.

  • This is really good book for kids who are interested in comics at a young age. The boy is delivering papers when he is zapped with the power to fly like his hero Falconman. He uses his powers for good to stop the evil in his town. The graphics are really unique, just like a comic book. The storyline is ok, not what I expected, very elementary. Great book for early elementary, more of a picture book than anything.

  • In an effort to expose my child to different media types, I picked this book up since it has a graphic novel style layout. My child is 3 and found the format a little difficult at first, but once she understood how to follow along she enjoyed the story. We've read it multiple times now and she seems to like the story.

  • Wishing to be just like his hero, Falconman, Henry sees wrongs he wants to make right. When a tiny sparrow crosses his path, he suddenly has the ability to flyd fly, he does, into danger's path, in order to make wrongs right. An early introduction into sequential art, The Adventures of Sparrowboy gives readers a look into the life of a superhero.

  • I really liked this story, and parts of the illustrations here are done in a comic-book style, which works. But the rest of the illustrations were just not inspiring for me, so this is more of a 3.5 rating.

  • Fun book that shows that being a hero isn't always about saving the world, but can also include helping a little bird in need. As a comic book reader, the mixture of picture book and comic book worked well for me.

  • This story was nice and simple. In the classroom this book will mostly be used to discuss bullies and how to protect people/animals. And how bullies can be anyone -- even a cat! Nice book to be used during transitions too, it has nice pictures.

  • This is a story about a young paperboy who gains the power/ability to fly from a bird. It is a picture book that is drawn in a graphic novel/cartoon form. Excellent read for young boys who like to read about super heros and who like comic books.

  • I liked this book, I think superheroes are cool and it was about a boy dreaming of becoming one and actually becoming a hero for a little bit. I chose this book, because of the fact that I like superheroes and so the title stood out.

  • A boy gets his power from a bird to fly and he gives it back to him at the end. Fun book, good colors and illustrations. Like a comic book, fun for boys. Creative.

  • I loved the African American illustrations and the adventure of the book. The boy was very kind to give back the flying power to the poor bird.

  • This was an interesting book. It was told from a boys point of view and how he was a superhero. He helped out in different aspects in the community.

  • Comic-book style super hero--very cute. This one will delight kids who love super heroes but wonder if they've got what it takes.

  • I truly enjoyed this book, every single word, every glorious image! A masterpiece by a wonderful author/illustrator with an aptitude for words and pictures. Just a fun read altogether.

  • Hooray for a hero of color who protects the vulnerable! Too many bullies in the storyline for my toddler, but I'll remember the book for when he's older.

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